Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Clipping Path Service, What and Why:

Clipping Path Service! What is Clipping Path Service? Why you need Clipping Path Service?

Let us discus.

Clipping Path:

Clipping Path Service is all about Clipping Path or Clipping Paths. It is actually a technical terminology used largely in Graphics field. We will concentrate our discussion mainly around Photoshop Clipping Path. Generally this work is done to knockout the background of any selected item within a picture. Technically this work can be done using many Photoshop tool such as the Magic Wand tool, the Lasso tool, the Polygonal Lasso tool, the Magnetic Lasso tool and using many more techniques. But for the best results experts use Photoshop Pen Tool. We will disuse the technique of Clipping Path using the Pen tool in another day in another article.

Why Clipping Path:

Because it is essential. Expert designers use Clipping Paths in so many ways in their designs that Clipping Path can be called the most basic work of the designing. Generally to change the background of a picture or to change the color of some part of an image Clipping Path method is vastly used. The resultant picture of the Clipping Path is a combination of vector path and bitmap image and generally it is saved in the EPS format. EPS format has the capability to contain both the vector and bitmap data in the same image. This image can be used directly in QuarkXPress or Adobe PageMaker to create page layout design or it can be used in Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia FreeHand or in CorelDRAW as a vector object. Even an EPS file can be distilled for a PDF file.

Clipping Path Service:

As a basic task the amount of clipping path job is huge. Nowadays every graphics company even some graphics professional finding difficulties with the amount of clipping path job to be done. So there is a new kind of service called Clipping Path Service has to arrive. As clipping path job can be send over the Internet many Graphics companies are now outsourcing their work load to the low cost clipping path service provider in developing countries like Bangladesh. Clipping Path Service has created a new horizon. Both the Graphics Companies and the developing countries are getting benefited from this. From the view of Graphic companies they are getting their huge job done in shortest possible time and off course at a considerable low cost. On the other hand Clopping Path Service creating new jobs for unwaged people.


Md. Kamrul Hasan
e-Marketing Executive
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SBL said...

Excellent article! Clipping path services become more popular now a days. That means clipped images are more used in business. There are many graphics designing firms around the world. Most of them provides cost-effective quality clipping path services.

Niya said...

Now a day’s clipped images are used in many businesses. Outsourcing the clipping path work to a right provider and thus you can save the time and cost and you can concentrate more on your other works....

Manish Kumar said...

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jenifer lopez said...
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jenifer lopez said...

Excellent article!
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Mahdi Abrar said...

Clipping path is a process of cutting 2D images within a closed vector path that gives desired shape. To clip path from an image we use image editing softwares. Everything outside the path will be discarded from the output and everything that is inside the path will be included, after the clipping path is applied to the image. After applying the clipping path, it gives result in a soft edge or hard edge (anti-aliased or aliased), which depends upon the image editor’s capabilities.
Conventionally, the inside part of the path is defined by the direction of it and to considered inside or outside it reverse the direction of a path. That is an inclusive path that is visually ‘inside’ the path corresponds to what will be preserved. That is an exclusive path which is of opposite direction that is visually “outside” the path. Conventionally, inclusive is considered as that path which is clockwise and non-self-intersecting.
Multiple paths results from the combination of inclusive and exclusive path known as ‘Compounded Path’. Boolean operations determine what the combined path contains in it. You can learn clipping path from Best Clipping Path Services . They also provide clipping path services.

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