Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Clipping Path & Photoshop Masking (Photoshop Silo/Silhouette, Background Knockout) - Overnight Online Offshore Outsourcing Services in Low Price/Cost

Overnight Online Offshore Prepress Services (24 Hours) - Color Experts: Clipping Path, Image Masking, Outlining, Silo/Silhouette, Hand Path, Knockout, Adobe Pentool, etc. in Asia.

Taking the Advantage of Time Difference and Low Cost

Color Experts International (CEI) is a digital image processing company located in San Jose, California, USA. The company provides services like: Clipping Path & Photoshop Masking, Photo Retouching, Image Conversion (Raster to Vector) & CAD Conversion, Web Graphics Design, Prepress & Photography Services, Corporate Identity Template Design, and Web Design & Development. CEI works with catalog companies, photo studios, prepress companies, graphic design firms, and commercial photographers to deliver premium quality design services in low price/cost.

Color Experts International (CEI) is a 24 Hours Prepress Service Provider equipped with the latest technology and very skilled publishing media personnel located in the cheap labor cost area of Asia (Dhaka, Bangladesh). CEI provides you unique service for your graphical or image optimization needs with a very reasonable price. CEI provides you overnight services, and allow your graphics jobs to continue while you are at sleep. Giving you the total freedom to spend your time in creativity.

Services Include:

Clipping Paths & Photoshop Masking Services

Professional Creative Graphics & Ad-Design Services

Professional Web Design & Website Development Services

All graphic and website development works are performed with the latest image retouching and manipulation software by expert professionals, Resulting in unmatched quality.

Currently most of the services provided for clients in North America (Canada + USA) and Europe are done through the Internet at the production facility located in Dhaka, Bangladesh (Asia). CEI offers quick turnover time by taking advantage of the time difference between North America, Europe and Bangladesh.

For example, the time difference between California, USA and Dhaka is about 11 hours. When the client places the file in the CEI FTP server (available free of charge to the client) in the evening, it is morning in Dhaka and the production crew immediately starts working on the files. Usually the completed files are uploaded from Dhaka in the same evening and are available to the client by the morning in California.

Model Before Clipping Path
Model After Clipping Path

Our Strengths

  • Comprehensive Setup for Quality Clipping Path & Photoshop Masking Service
  • Strong Team of Top-Notch Professionals in the Graphics Design and Prepress Industry
  • Improved 3 Phase Quality Control Unit
  • Controlled By Efficient US Management Team to Unblock Outsourcing Barrier
  • Manual Service for Best Quality Clipping Path & Photoshop Masking
  • Outsourcing for access to Best Professionals with Very Low Price/Cost
  • Fully Flexible Online Service
  • Service Delivery System is Fully Optimized for E-Commerce Support
  • Very Quick Turnaround Time
  • Maintain Minimum Anchor Points with Best Quality in the Fastest Possible Time
  • Overnight Graphics Design & Prepress Services

Manual Hand Drawn Clipping Path & Photoshop Masking (Photoshop Silhouette/Silo or Image Outlining or Background Knockout) Service is our Specialty. Color Experts International (CEI) is a 24 hour and Overnight Online Graphics Design Offshore Outsourcing Service provider in USA with an Offshore Design Studio in the Indian Subcontinent (South Asia).